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4 parts - Workshop Series

Moving from Expectations to Results


In the business world, there is often a huge gap between knowing what to do and doing it successfully.   This four-part workshop is designed for business owners interested in understanding why the gap exists in their business and finding ways to close it in order to move consistently from expectations to results.


The workshop series is lead by business growth strategists Ravi Kulkarni and Lynn Turner of Clear Vision Alliance.  The partners have a strong presence in Western Massachusetts as well as a national client base of businesses and non-profits that are ready for sustainable and transformative profit and growth strategies.

Workshop 1 

Ready, Willing, Able 

Knowledge is power. That is what most people equate with success. But knowledge in itself is not enough. It is the application of knowledge that truly leads to success. You can read all the books you want, attend every training session time allows, but without knowing how to apply what you have learned, you will have accomplished little, other than making yourself a better Jeopardy contestant.   During this workshop, we will share stories of applied knowledge that will help you become “ready, willing and able” to step outside of your comfort zone and start down the path to success.  

Workshop 2

Leaders and Followers

There are an infinite number of books and philosophies on leadership, but few, if any, touch upon followers.  To be successful in moving from expectations to results, not only do you need to know your own leadership and communication style, but you also need to understand what makes different types of followers tick. Knowing how to work with them will help you achieve better and faster results.  During this session, we will explore your leadership and communication style and gain a deeper understanding of the followers within your organization.

Workshop 3 

Developing Accountability for Leaders and Followers

As a business owner, who holds you accountable?  Is it you, and do you find it difficult to do?  How good are you at holding others accountable?  Regardless of how challenging accountability is, it is necessary in order to get the job done.  This session will help you develop strategies for managing others and developing accountability structures that get desired results.

Workshop 4 

From Expectations to Results – Bridging the Gap

One of the biggest challenges many business owners face is putting everything together to get things done in a timely and profitable manner. During this session, we will explore the gap between expectations and results, and work on various solutions to close this gap in order to get things done effectively and efficiently.

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