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“The RTC is very pleased to present this Clear Vision Alliance product: GROWING A BUSINESS 5-Part Workshop Series. We have seen “Coach Ravi” and Lynn Turner presentations. They are very interactive with the audience, highly informative – and even inspirational. Lynn and Ravi are RTC members – with a successful, local firm. We hope you enjoy this series – it’s good for business.”

-- Ellen Bemben, President, Regional Technology Corporation (RTC)


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Workshop 1

Your New Venture:

An "Entrepreneurial Seizure" or Workable Business Model: Entrepreneurship is a spirit. It will show up independent of your education, gender, age or ethnicity. Coming from technology, you have the education, you have the knowledge and you have the creativity.

But do you have what it takes to transform these into a business of your own? How do you deal with setbacks? Do you have the Vision and Endurance to keep going until it is time to celebrate success?

Workshop 2

Celebrating Failures:

A new approach to innovation. Learn how to master the process of failing fast, cheap and fumbling toward success.

Workshop 3

Competitive Advantage:

Growing your business for the future requires the ability to not only anticipate and act but innovate and lead. Discover how to see what is not yet visible and prepare for the future.

Workshop 4

New Generation of Employees and the Uncommon Workforce:

The future of your business is people. Identify how to attract and retain them and to look for those that may not be on your radar screen.

Workshop 5

Succession Strategies for Business Owners:

Discover the art of letting go comfortably and profitably while you can still add value to the business for your successor.

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